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What is Telcordia (Bellcore) SR-332?
Note: Bellcore was purchased by SAIC in 1997. The purchase agreement required Bellcore to change its name: Bellcore became Telcordia Technologies in 1999. To keep things simple, we will continue to use the Bellcore name in our documentation. Note that Bellcore (Bell Communications Research, a spin-off of AT&T Bell Labs) was the research arm of the Bell Operating Companies.

Many commercial electronic product companies are now choosing to use the Bellcore handbook for their reliability predictions.

Bellcore previously used MIL-HDBK-217 for their reliability predictions, but found that 217 gave pessimistic numbers for its commercial quality products. A few years ago (1985), Bellcore used 217 as a starting point, modified (and simplified) the models to better reflect their field experience, and developed the Bellcore reliability prediction procedure, which is applicable to commercial electronic products.

You can order the Telcordia document "Reliability Prediction Procedure for Electronic Equipment" (document number SR-332, Issue 1) directly from Telcordia:
Telcordia Customer Service Center
Phone: 1-732-699-5828
E-mail: Document-Info@telcordia.com

Note: the Telcordia document SR-332, Issue 1 is an update of the Bellcore document TR-332, Issue 6.

Please note: T-Cubed Systems, Inc. has no connection or affiliation with Telcordia, and Telcordia does not review, approve, or support the RelCalc software in any way.

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